Global Haiku PACE • Mattoon, Fall 2005
Dr. Randy Brooks

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haiku project:
Bowling Ally Ginko

Selected Haiku

Marlene Gardner

My first exposure to the art of Haiku began in November 2005. Prior to taking a Global Haiku class taught by Dr. Randy Brooks, I did not understand, nor particularly like Haiku. Since then, by reading and writing Haiku, I have developed an appreciation for the art.

In addition, I have reawakened an artistic spirit within myself. Now, I slow down a bit more and look at the world around me. Sometimes, I can find a Haiku waiting to be written, and other times, I simply enjoy the present moment. Haiku has also allowed me to remember parts of my past and see that other people have shared experiences.

For me, Haiku is not just about the images and seasons, it is about taking a simple moment and revealing a deeper meaning. The following are some of my first attempts at writing Haiku. Some of them have come from past experiences, observations, or imagination. I have enjoyed writing them, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Levels of Love

cranberry candle
on the bedside table
gathering dust

cocktail party
holding hands
beneath the table


an ivory white dress
her mother’s pearls
“I do”


strapless red dress
she hides
her wrinkled hands




broken space heater
our breath

white lights
T w I n K l E
under the weight of the snow


superbowl Sunday
men around the tv
after her funeral

winter’s night
blistered fingers
pick out a new tune


a single fur tree branch
saves the angel
from falling

gentle snow falling
outside the window
the old record plays Bing Crosby Christmas


children peek outside the door
of the old trailer
anonymous Santa

cautious paws
tred new ground
to pee in the snow


spring sunshine
a lone Dogwood tree
with no blossoms

Full of Life

seasalt in my eyes
i give in
to the sand below me


cast lines in the night
summer breeze


full moon looming low
the pontoon boat
glides over it


summer vacation
the car crowded
with the oxygen


Winding Down

full ashtray
in between beers
old faces talk about war


beside the curb
the old man stoops
to pile the dead leaves

after turkey
we talk
about the past


sun sneaks through the blinds
wrapped in my comforter
beep, Beep, BEEP

coffee stain
on my new cream suit

instant soup
     turning cold
          on my desk

the clock radio
covered by paperwork
counts down to five

kicking off her heels
scraping the meatloaf pan

light flickers
     across the bed
          another rerun

Maria Clark & Marlene Gardner



Second Chance

echoes in the chapel
the choir sways side to side
Louisiana Sunday

laced hands
close the hymnal

small patent leather shoes
off the wooden pew

weathered face
beneath the water

facing his family
he clears his throat

stiff kleenex
away the tears

Amber Penhale & Marlene Gardner

© 2005, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.