Haiku to Edit 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • November 2012

Cut unnecessary words.
Add more context or sensory content.
Rearrange the furniture.
Replace (cut and add) to enrich & strengthen.

Haiku are rarely complete sentences. Often verbless. Avoid shopping list haiku. We want phrasing & music. Give us pause.

in the convertible
makes him smile

in the convertible
his smile



salty tears
on the cheek
military wife

water running
lathered soap
tight curls

Red Truck
Country dirt roads and music
Daddy and I




dressing room
place on a pedestal
mother's tears

slippers on . . .
warm cup of tea
in hand

little boys on the bench
strikeouts and homeruns
life lessons




laughter all around
diving boards and slides

fresh fallen snow
hot chocolate


papers cover
the wood desk
weighing me down




summer night
cool ripe tomatoes
salt shaker

skinny dipping
cold dirty lake water
bubbles arise


poker parties at the big round table
Grandma's house
little me




drifting snow
whistling wind in the attic
warmth of the fire

fresh fallen snow
cookies baking
grandma's house

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.