Haiku Kukai 1 - PACE Students

Global Haiku • Millikin University • November 2012

summer night . . .
family gathers
fresh garden salads

rocket ship starts
goodnight kisses
. . . go all around 

a dark green
park bench

football grunts
women's chatter . . .
saying grace

first morning home
tousled hair
duffle bag in the corner

pumpkin pie
I gather with giants
to watch the game

4 pounds
half ounce
Happy Mother's Day

with tears falling
she whispers
. . . I'm pregnant

saturday morning
early risers
elbows to kneecaps

pacing throughout the night
cool baths
shift change

amazing grace sung
in the rain
her grave

child lays still
on a trampoline
spotted: the big dipper

sudden shower
her jacket
becomes an umbrella

I change . . .
the F's to B's
before my mother sees

at my youth
in granddaughter's face

plowed fields in the distance
Autumn leaves swirling
against the chain link fence

a halo of crumbs
surround the high chair

magnified light
trembling hands
stitching with love

Grandma's sewing box
the smell of cigarettes
in the pin cushion

I put my left foot in
I take my left foot out . . .
of my mouth

one on one
quality time

white porcelain
Nannie's glass eye
in a shot glass

quick visit
blue mask on
a perfect baby boy

cross stitch
the way mom taught me
hemming pants

Christmas presents
grandpa sneaks his open
out of turn

wedding photo
on the fireplace mantle
her questions

wind blows hair
tears flow as
tail lights disappear

strong winds
swirling the leaves
dogs outside

a warm roll
flies towards my head
Thanksgiving at Grandma's

subtle warmth
the first bloom
Spring again

water ripples
sand between my toes
. . . laughter

playing dress up
my sister and I
fragrance lingers

she takes another puff
storm clouds rolling in
loud sirens

the icy river
the warm summer breeze
sweet contrast

tapping away at the keys
my grandma
taught me

Silent night
passing candlelight
through the pews

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.