Favorite Rengay

Global Haiku • Millikin University

November 2012

Lonely Girl

in the mirror
her makeup
creates a mask

no one notices
the cries for help

years go by
her smile begins to vanish
until that summer day . . .

reading a book
we share a seat
as the sparks start

dinner and a movie
a smile reappears

metal bands
wedding bells and
lifetime of happiness

by Amanda Guyse & Mae Williams (mother)

The Lake

Within the lake
I see the moon
look up at me

a frog ribbits
breaking the silence

bonfire roars
shadows dance
among the trees

the sun breaks
over the hill
sizzling bacon

a man sits
fishing pole in hand

the clouds pass
pushed by the wind
a sailboat

a rengay by Brendan & Glennda Skeffington

Christmas Time

Christmas lights
twinkle in rhythm
dancing on the snow

a dog bounces
from drift to drift

a choir sings,
their joyful tune
fills the air

sharpened skates
glide on the ice

in the window
a tree is swallowed
by a mountain of gifts

in the kitchen
Grandma's cookies

by Brendan Skeffington, Victoria Skeffington, & Mason Mears

My son and I

As his mother opens the card
his excitement overflows

Another Birthday gone
Another one on the way

Tomorrow has passed
the present is a gift

Times together
. . . relish

Ballpark franks and beers
gates open at ten
awh a New Season

Foam fingers and face paint
the crowd cheers.

Carrie Killings

Cold Happiness

children's laughter
fills the air
smiling faces

winter sledding
snowball fights

frost bit
fingers and toes
bright red noses

warm blanket
hot chocolate
with tons of marshmallows

heavy eyes

chucks of snow
wet boots and gloves
back outside to play

by Amanda Guyse & Kimberly Hanners

Quality Time

Mother pulls out the boxes
full of ornaments . . .
we decorate the tree

the cat gets tangled
in the garland

she asks . . .
Hot chocolate or coffee?
I reply Apricot flavor please

I struggle to choose
which wrapping paper
to use

ELF is playing on the tv
how appropriate . . .

I can feel the Christmas spirit
love and cheer fill the air
I love Christmas time

by Chelsea Taylor & mother

The Howling

Skinny dipping
in the murky lake water
bubbles arise . . .

a frog
finds a new lillipad

fog from her breath
she gasps
. . . I did it

howling like wolves . . .
a full moon

a startled gaze
into the darkness—
her grip tightens

moonlight glimmers
as ripples spread

by Dianne Bailey, Justin Lyons, Carrie Killings

Long Day

As the day grows old
in the sun
eyes draw weary

The fear . . .
no food for the week

last tears she cries
walking into
the dawn of another chance

full moon rises
as the sun disappears

. . . brings winter day
shipping, packing, labor, pain

soaking in the tub
another day's pay well earned

by Lindsay Malone & Helena Buckner


In the sun
the dogs
roll in the dirt

I walk the dogs
or maybe they walk me

A walk in the park
leaves fall
sun shines so bright

The park
switching to fall
the leaves show new colors

I rake the leaves
as the dogs kick them back in place

Snow everywhere
my dogs and I
roll together in the drifts

by Steven and Kelsi Cook


The refreshing taste
After a long
Stressful day

Legs propped up . . .
Mind not awake

Tub filling
Warm water
Bubbles in hand

To unwind

Deep breath
Long exhale

The night ends
. . . with a sip

by Joy Morgret, Lindsey Wright & Sherie Baker


attic stairs
to the unknown
a military trunk

puppy love
from a happier decade

black and white movies
milk shakes

between angry bullets
he smiles

cold December rain
obnoxiously interrupts
our well planned conference

Everything will be alright . . .
in the future

by Justin Lyon & Nicole Rambo

Good Times

Warm summer evening
Cookout with
Family and friends

Ice cold beverages
Burgers and dogs cooking on the grill

Chatter and laughter
Fill the air
Memories made

Children prancing around
With popsicle smiles and
Sticky fingers

Radio singing with
Toe tapping

A refreshing surprise that
Nobody minds . . .
Unexpected rain shower

by Kimberly Hanners and Chris McCollom

A day in the life . . .

He sits in a tree
dressed in camouflage
5 am

The distant cool rises
Rolling from lake to meadow

On the side of the lake
he is waiting . . .
for a bite

Pink and lavender dawn
the moon and sun together

fish line
the side of the lake
silence is golden

A young doe stirs the brush
Wings beat the air

by Lindsay Malone & Jennifer Joyner


Young mother
With a child

She provides

Trading partying
For long nights
Of dress up

Each moment spent
Is valued

4 years later
She discovers
What a blessing

A beautiful girl
To call her mom

by Lindsey Wright & friend

My Gift

October 19th morning
a precious gift
. . . it's a girl!

baby's first grip
daddy's finger

endless diapers
with nighttime feedings

bath time splashes
and cooing
melts a heart

warmth of the sunshine
felt thru the window

new baby gives
a renewed look
my life!

by Brooke and Mindy Humphrey

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.