Haiku Kukai 2 Names

Global Haiku • Millikin University • November 2012

every night she wonders
. . . is that a grizzly bear
then she rolls over

Christmas music
in the shopping mall
mob action

blustery winds
she remembers her past

fresh dirt
under the old oak shade
matchbox cars

holding her chest
she gasps for breath
no help in sight

as I looked at his things
I remember
His life

first, seconds, and thirds
of Thanksgiving turkey
thank God for elastic

balanced in a tree
complete silence
Bambi in the distance

the ugly wool sweater
does not warm me
her smile

shedding sweaters
for short sleeves
nice cool breeze

hidden in the trees
seeing my breath
waiting for the shot

Christmas songs
in the background
girls laugh

long day
hot water bubbles
she lets her hair down

little boys
playing in the mud
mom's new worms

umbrella in my drink
and the sun on my face
. . . this is the life

his name engraved
in black granite

Spring downpour
a lake
in the garden

homemade noodles and
pumpkin pie
grandma's house

attic stairs
to the unknown
a military trunk

he takes off his mask
eyes of a broken heart
I'm sorry

private ballet
young dragonfly
on the sunlit pavement

I loved . . .
Summer nights
her deep voice sang

October morning
newborn cries
and his father

the chill of the night
civilians gather again
midnight swim

home for the holidays
Christmas dinner
. . . one empty chair

summers sun
beating down
. . . bobber bobbing

sitting around the fire
staring at the harvest moon
your hand touches mine

summer night
with you at the lake
some ice cold beer

car ride to Grandma's
in the backseat . . .
she's on my side!

wrapping paper
covers the floor
five smiling faces

snow on the ground
covers the yard
dog plays for hour

boat rocking with the wake
patience my dad says
waiting for a bite

filled cooler
fishing poles
Dad time

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.