PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Carrie Killings

Cherish Moments

Carrie Killings

cherish moments
forever Love
. . . you and me

Dedicated to my Mom, Dad, Sisters, Tiana, and Eddie for always wanting what's best for me and accepting anything that makes me happy.

Author's Preface

I choose this as title of my collection because haiku has taught me that with all my ups and downs the experience is what’s special. This may seem crazy but it is therapeutic and it doesn’t matter how it sounds just as long as you get it. If they make a point for even just one other person then it has served its purpose and is born. I’ve found a new way of expression and I hope this won’t be the end of my devolvement. I look forward to the journey haiku is taking me on.

Reader's Introduction

The haiku you are about to read were written about the great changes in her mother and father’s life in high school. They show the achievements of education and love while fighting through obstacles that they faced. They show love and faith that brought these two wonderful people together. It was written during one of the most important times in her life. Her parents taught me a lot about the true meaning of love. —Bianca Pruitt 2012

accomplishments recognized
head of the class
. . . she picked him?


the dust and smoke clears
charred chest found
. . . Hope

fog from her breath
she gasp
            . . . I did it




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