PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jennifer Joyner

Sudden Shower

Jennifer Joyner

I feel as though haiku is a gift. Another way to express myself has been given to me through the art of haiku. It is just so simple to immerse yourself in a brief moment to jot down three expressive, or sensory, lines of poetry.

My collection of haiku mainly focus on the human condition. Intimate and sometimes unfortunate experiences have been selected for my haiku, with the clear intention to connect with my readers.

I call my collection "Sudden Shower" because that is how writing haiku has been for me. Once I began to write them, it seemed as though my haiku had been waiting for me to discover them. It felt as though they were just falling down upon the pages. Each haiku has been a significant drop in my new "sudden shower" of creativity.

I put my left foot in
I take my left foot out . . .
of my mouth


I change . . .
the F’s to B’s
before my mother sees

private ballet
young dragonfly
on the sunlit pavement


sudden shower
her jacket
becomes an umbrella

looking down
I see . . .
my mother’s hands



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