PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Joy Morgret

Pin Cushion
Joy Morgret’s Collection of Learning Haiku

My name is Joy Morgret and I'm a Nanny of 2 and a Full Time Student in Decatur, IL. My Haiku are driven by memories, good times and happy thoughts. I picked these particular Haiku for my book because all of them have the capability to connect with any kind of audience. My approach for the Haiku I write is to find a memory and then write with the Reader in mind so that your senses can be engaged. I feel that you too, might be able to recall fond memories and happy times from your life through my Haiku.

This haiku collection is dedicated to any person who has made a lasting impact on my life. You know who you are!

Reader's Introduction

Joy Morgret’s Collection, Pin Cushion, has a different feel to it. She does a good job really igniting different memories from her past that are capable of connecting with her readers. Two of my favorites from Joy would have to be Pin Cushion and Little Girl’s. I personally enjoy her style of writing and think this book shows just how gifted she really is. —Lindsey Wright

dirt roads and music
red truck
Daddy and I


poker parties at the big round table
Grandma's house
little me

cold and windy
water sprays us


I loved . . .
summer nights
her deep voice sang

Grandma’s sewing box
the smell of cigarettes
in the pin cushion



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