PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Lindsey Wright


Lindsey Wright


I choose this specific collection of Haiku because they best describe my feelings and my life. I am a mother and I wanted to reflect the times spent with my children as well as a few personal feelings and memories that have stuck with me growing up. My understandings and approaches to Haiku come from my personal experiences. I write about the thoughts and feelings I am having about a specific issue or time of year.

Michael Wright Wrote:

I especially enjoyed Lindsey’s Haiku in reference to her grandmother tapping away at the keys because I too have had experiences where I have learned from my grandmother. Another Haiku I found to be great was the one about the Christmas stockings hung in a row year after year. This shows the significance of the stockings and again allows everyone to relate to the Christmas season.

shedding sweaters
for short sleeves
nice cool breeze


freezing hands
the burning of hot water
snowman outside

kept year after year
hung in a row
christmas Stockings


trading partying
for long nights
of dress up

4 years later
she discovers
What a blessing


wedding photo
on the fireplace mantle
her questions

tapping away at the keys
my grandma
taught me


requesting advice
but doing the opposite . . .

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