PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Mindy Humphrey

Family Memories

Mindy Humphrey

Author’s Introduction

When I signed up for Haiku, other than knowing it was the art of Japanese poetry, I knew very little. Now after studying the different types of Haiku, I realize how beautiful the art of Haiku truly is. In three short lines, sometimes less than ten words, a haiku is able capture all the emotion a memory brings to mind.
I have learned that in the art of writing Haiku it must reflect on nature, or a human element or sometimes both. I have found that I have a tendency to write most Haiku on memories based on emotion. I try to recall how I felt in that moment. I have tried remembering the sounds of my surroundings when something memorable happened to try and bring in the nature element. The important thing about creating good Haiku’s is to bring in the emotion but leave it open enough that the reader can relate and spark their own feelings from the Haiku. Finally, I have learned that you need to relax and have fun. A good Haiku can be playful or full of emotion. The final draft of the Haiku needs to make an impression on the reader.

The collection of Haiku I have selected titles Family Memories. They are very reflective of memories from my childhood all the way through parenthood. My family has always such an influence on life that it only seems natural that they should be the focal point on my collection. My parents and brother along with my husband Larry and my children Brooke and Meghan are the all my inspirations when writing this collection. They are my world and as they read these I hope they see themselves in these memories. The woman in me had to include a bit of clothing and shoe part of my obsession just as a splash of fun! I hope you enjoy!

Reader’s Introduction by Brooke Humphrey

My favorite in my mom’s collection would have to be the rengay titled "My Gift." I love that rengay that my dad, mom, and I created describing me coming into the world. All my life my mom has put my sister and me first and to hear the word that she uses to describe me as a baby is such a gift makes and it makes me smile. My mom wanted to have a baby for the longest time and finally she got pregnant with me; I know in hearing stories she was thrilled. She loved being pregnant and even more being a mom. She truly believes that being a mom is a gift. It is fun to see how she is able to put in to words those first memories she had of becoming a parent. 

homemade noodles and
pumpkin pie
grandma's house


wind blows hair
tears flow as
tail lights disappear

pages yellowed and torn
comforting . . .
my Bible


my girls and
chick flicks . . .

catching fireflies
. . . laughter
in summer darkness


My Gift

October 19th morning
a precious gift
. . . t’s a girl!

baby's first grip
daddy's fingers

endless diapers
with nighttime feedings

bath time splashes
and cooing
melts a heart

warmth of the sunshine
felt thru the window

new baby gives
a renewed look
my life!

a rengay by Larry, Brooke and Mindy Humphrey


© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.