PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Shauna Klauser

Ever Changing

Shauna Klauser


Shauna Klauser is a family orientated young woman, who has used her experiences to reflect in her haiku. She is from central Illinois and grew up in a divorced home. Although there were tough times she never let this stop her from reaching her goals. Throughout her haiku she reflects on life experiences and milestones that shape many of us from childhood on. This shows in the following haiku.

new to me
a set of old keys
. . . finally sixteen

 Author’s Introduction

The title of this collection is Ever Changing. I have chosen this title, because this collection reflects on many of the experiences that I have had over the course of my life. As I wrote each haiku, I found myself always reflecting on the experience that I have had good or bad. I always aimed to write at all readers and hope to touch on every life experience. I felt that this collection has done this.  

I have used my haiku as a way to express myself from a young child all the way to adulthood. I hope that I can reach out to all readers and spark a memory that takes them back.

Shauna Klauser
Mode, IL

rocket ship starts
goodnight kisses
. . . go all around


boat rocking with the wake
patience my dad says
waiting for a bite

quick visit
blue mask on
perfect baby boy


the young boy
oils . . .
his grandfather's mitt

Their Baby Girl

young kids
starting too soon
. . . boy or girl

prom dress too tight
a secret still kept

first day of school
a kiss on her cheek
. . . good luck

they say her name
as she crosses the stage
whoops and hollers

a strong handshake
daddy's approval

blessing is needed
who gives her away
her mother and I



first year
always the hardest
. . . patience

so young?
time will tell

her mom's belly
she talks
to the next addition

yelling and fighting
sibling rivalry

every other weekend
a bag must be packed

young kids
started too soon
they didn’t make it


© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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