PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Steven Cook

My Family

Steven Cook

My name is Steven Cook. This is my collection of haiku based on my family. My family is the most important thing to me so it is fitting for me to dedicate my book to them and my memories of
them. I chose these haiku because they hold some of my best memories and thoughts of them. Writing haiku has made me think more about my family and appreciate the little things in life.

This collection is a great look into Steven’s life. You get to see what he holds dear and the things that are the most important to him. A couple of my favorites are the ones that are about his father and the ones of his wife. You can see the love he has for them in his words. —Kelsi Cook

4’o clock
dad is home
mechanic’s smell


behind the veil
   my angel
sheds a joyful tear

her husband’s body
   is covered with scars
       . . . but not his heart


in grandpa's shaky hands
the newborn
quietly sleeps

years later
   my angel
still shines for me



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