Haiku Kukai 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • November 2014

lights strung
ornaments hung
Santa ready


snow and ice
tow truck driver
his home away from home

thunder clapping
I find myself
awakened by children

painted on the tree

white out
will I make it home
this night

made of snow
he still keeps warm
with a scarf

moving day
stuck in the snow

the storm
she pulls back the curtain
and smiles

Saturday morning snow
bundled up
snow angles

two chirps
one chirp . . .
winter has arrived

fresh logs
the fire fuels our
reminiscent conversation

chiming bell
the man stands alone with
his bucket

firewood burning
inside a barrel
old men smile

up into the clouds
one more letter sent
wishful child

looking hard
at the veteran's wall
rose petals

ballerina silhouette
her skates slice the ice

first big snowfall
kids playing
Frosty the snowman

as barrels burn
winter coats arrive
for those with no address

through every storm
my love
. . . wading

Thanksgiving day
my grandma
slams the door

snow day
no school for kids
now what do I do?

bad magic act
the audience

spring cleaning
find an assignment due weeks ago

endless late night conversations
forever; always
You & Me

He is the potter
I am the clay
nothing can stop me

card night for the grown ups
a sip of grandpa's beer
for me

the last railcar
in the crossing
the train stops

dad shines his boots
he'll be gone
for the weekend

on her sickbed
Grandma asks—
for her father

hospital restroom—
on my knees

the mantis
prey prey prey

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.