Haiku Kukai 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • November 2014

lights strung
ornaments hung
Santa ready

Jacqueline L. Davis (5)

This just makes me think of this time of year! I love Christmas lights, tree, just the entire magical meaning of the season! This haiku sums up the preparedness for the holiday. I picture a family getting together, as mine does, and getting lights and tree up and decorated and once this is done we are ready! Dana

This haiku from Kukai Number Two reminds me of Christmas, my favorite time of the year. My
imagined felt response to his haiku is felt by most adults. I believe this is the most favored time of the
year for almost everyone. We develop this attraction to the Christmas season as children. Christmas time runs from late November to the early part of January. It includes the weekend after Thanksgiving, Christmas day, and through New Years Day. The first line of this haiku "lights strung," is a recollection of the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Historically, the weekend following Thanksgiving is the busiest weekend of the year for retail sales of holiday lights and other sales. More lights are strung on this weekend than any other weekend of the year. It is a tradition to string decorative lights outside and in windows. Ceremonies follow the lighting of many public Christmas trees. The second line of this haiku "ornaments hung," causes me to recall the magnificent bubble lights on the family Christmas tree
when I was a young child. The string of lights were given to us by a family friend. As young children, my brothers and sisters along with myself would spend countless hours standing in front of the family
Christmas tree watching the bubble lights and looking at the other ornaments on the tree. The final line
of this haiku "Santa ready," brings to my mind the entire image of the holiday season. A snowy landscape, beautiful Christmas lights and ornaments strung on the tree and across homes all throughout
neighborhoods. As an adult, I spend time driving through neighborhoods at dark enjoying the attraction
to holiday lights and ornaments. The final line of this haiku "Santa ready," implies ready for Christmas night. In summary, the author tells us the lights are strung, ornaments hung, and the house is ready for Santa, meaning Christmas night. Mark


Shannon Lucas (6)

snow and ice
tow truck driver
his home away from home

Kristina Swaggerty (4)

thunder clapping
I find myself
awakened by children

painted on the tree

Melissa McFadden

My first job, I was a lifeguard at Fairview pool I drove past the bikini tree everyday during the summer. I would see people there all the time. My group of friends and myself have visited the tree before. It was just cool that they painted a bikini on a tree. Karianne

This image is of the tree in Fairview Park. This tree is always painted like a bikini in different patterns and colors. This tree has been there as long as I can remember. I have not driven by this tree in a very long time. I can remember when it was painted like the song a yellow polka dot bikini. Someone puts a lot of time into this every year. A memory that I will always have. I think anybody who has lived in Decatur most of their lives knows exactly where this tree is. Jacqueline L. Davis

white out
will I make it home
this night

Andee Cavanaugh (10)

This makes me bring back memories of when i went to school at Murray State. It was a 4 hour drive. There were times I would drive to Carbondale and take the train to Mattoon so I didn't have to drive. One weekend home I took the train. On Sunday when I arrived in Carbondale to my car it was buried deep in the snow. I had to dig myself out. Once I was on the interstate the weather was horrible. I was going 10 mph. I wasn't sure if i was going to make it back to Murray. I thought I was going to have to pull over and stay in a hotel. I was scared. My heart was beating fast. I don't like driving on ice and snow. Katie

made of snow
he still keeps warm
with a scarf

Dana George (12)

I chose this poem because it brings back memories from my childhood and watching our nephew play in the snow during the winter. I remember building snowmen and forts while growing up in my parent's yard and see our nephew having the same type of activities and enjoyment. When I read this, I imagine a young child building snowmen and making snow angels in their parents' yard, all while still enjoying just being a child. Brian

This brings back childhood memories of building a snowman with my family. We would rap a scarf around the snowman. We would also use buttons for eyes and a carrot nose. Tatum

moving day
stuck in the snow

Paul L. Mercer (6)

the storm
she pulls back the curtain
and smiles

Melissa McFadden (5)

Saturday morning snow
bundled up
snow angles

two chirps
one chirp . . .
winter has arrived

fresh logs
the fire fuels our
reminiscent conversation

chiming bell
the man stands alone with
his bucket

Brian Johnson (5)

This haiku is compelling. It sets of sensory memories of the hustle and bustle of Christmas in and out of stores like Walmart. It makes me remember the evenings after work rushing into the stores, the people entering and exiting, the slushy snow on the ground—all this from a chiming bell! The man standing alone with his bucket represents an important aspect of the holiday—giving to those in need. Danette

I tried to write a haiku on this, but couldn't seem to get it right. I am very passionate about The Salvation Army because of the many blessing they have given to me and my family, throughout so many struggles in our lives. Without them my life would have been more difficult. So I know when I do drop money into the bucket, it is actually doing something positive to someone in time of need. Crissy

firewood burning
inside a barrel
old men smile

up into the clouds
one more letter sent
wishful child

Dana George (4)

I like this one because it can be for the Christmas season. I can just see this child dressed in his pajamas, looking out a frosty window with his little hand clasped together. It's as if he is praying and hoping with all his will for the letter to get to Santa. It's just this one thing that he just has to have that he may have forgotten to mention before. Kristina

looking hard
at the veteran's wall
rose petals

Crissey Lennon (4)

ballerina silhouette
her skates slice the ice

first big snowfall
kids playing
Frosty the snowman

as barrels burn
winter coats arrive
for those with no address

Youlanda Johnson (7)

This haiku is very meaningful. I think the reason that I like it so much is because it has multiple meanings. At the coat drives that we have here in our local area they use barrels to collect the coats and then get them cleaned to give to people that don't have winter coats. I am blessed to have coats for me and for my son. Often times though there are lots of people that don't have them and are cold in the winter time. Barrels burn can also stand for a fire that people are standing around to get warm before they get there winter coat. Most of the people that don't have coats also don't have a warm bed to lie down in at night. We are blessed. Kristen

through every storm
my love
. . . wading

Thanksgiving day
my grandma
slams the door

snow day
no school for kids
now what do I do?

Sam Reisman (5)

I think this one is kind of two fold. There are tons and tons of parents who dread snow days because that means their work day is disrupted, or they have to scramble to find a babysitter or face having to not work that day. For me, snow days are the worst because my sleep schedule is disrupted. And literally I think oh great what the heck am I going to do now. Amanda

bad magic act
the audience

Paul L. Mercer (5)

I like this one because it makes me think of a bad magician. He attempts a trick to make something vanish and instead the crowd starts to leave since he is doing a bad job. It's a funny haiku which is why I like it. I have seen some good magicians and I have seen some really bad ones and if it was bad enough I would probably leave too just like the audience did. This haiku is very easy to see which is also what makes it so enjoyable. I also really like the placement of vanishes on its own line because it adds that sort of suspense to what is the audience going to do. Sam

spring cleaning
find an assignment due weeks ago

Sam Reisman (7)

This one is fun. It reminds me when you are cleaning and you find something you lost or forgot to turn in for the school and you laugh but feel silly about it. I am sure at the time when you needed it you were stressed and upset then when you are spring cleaning it is all worry free at that point about it. Melissa

endless late night conversations
forever; always
You & Me

Kamie Danyale (3)

He is the potter
I am the clay
nothing can stop me

Kamie Danyale (5)

I just completed a ceramics class where I meticulously crafted, by hand, several pottery pieces. The same amount of care and attention was invested into each piece but no two were alike. Each vessel was uniquely created with a special purpose in mind. And so it is with God in his relationship with humanity. He loves us all immeasurably and created us with a specific purpose that can only be fully known through an intimate relationship with him. As we place our trust in him, he begins to shape and mold us. Though not always pleasant, he scrubs, polishes, sands, and makes smooth the rough spots in our lives. Nothing can compare to being in the hands of the Most High growing in stature and in wisdom. Jeremiah 29:11 promises that He knows the plans he has for all of us. Plans to prosper and not harm, plans to bring a hope and a future. All from the hand of the Potter. Shannon

card night for the grown ups
a sip of grandpa's beer
for me

the last railcar
in the crossing
the train stops

Paul L. Mercer (10)

This haiku is what is means to live in the Midwest. Trains are a daily occurrence to us. I am sitting at a train, 20 minutes have already passed by. I spot the last railcar and as I look around, I can tell that everyone else has seen it as well because everyone begins to adjust their seats back and put their cars in drive. We are ready for the moment where we can continue on with our day when all of the sudden… The last car on the train stops, in the middle of the crossing . . . There are looks of annoyance everywhere you look. Andee

dad shines his boots
he'll be gone
for the weekend

Paul L. Mercer (6)

on her sickbed
Grandma asks—
for her father

Danette Beach

My grandmother had lung and brain cancer. At the very end of her life she would talk about people that had already passed being in the room with us. Once, my aunt had left the room and my grandma asked me where her mother had gone (she had been dead for many years). I said "Aunt Dawn?" and she replied "no, my mother". It was a pretty strange feeling I had but how insistent she was that her mom had been in that room with us. Amber

hospital restroom—
on my knees

Danette Beach (10)

This haiku hits home for me because my granny has been experiencing ambiguous health issues this past year. At the end of September, 2014 she suffered from a heart attack and didn't know it. Doctors were giving her a high percentage to undergo a heartcathe. My family was there and we all kept by her side in shifts to talk and reminisce with her before the following morning we weren't sure if she would live through the procedure. This was terrifying, heartbreaking and one of the hardest things I have witnessed. I remember we didn't sleep a wink. We cuddled up with one another in a family waiting room and talked about the past with one another the entire night into the early morning. We prayed and prayed and held strong for my granny. Needless to say, she is one of the strongest hard headed southern women that I know and she pulled through successfully through the procedure. For that I am thankful! So, when I read this haiku it took me right back to that waiting room praying for a miracle. Veronica

My grandma just had open heart surgery so this Haiku really hit close to home for me. I prayed in every corner of that hospital. From the parking lot to the waiting room to the recovery room. I have never felt such a need for god to answer my prayers as I did that day. Cristi

the mantis
prey prey prey

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