PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Amber Hendricks

Haiku Collection

Amber Hendricks

Before taking the Haiku class with Dr.Randy Brooks at Millikin, I had never heard of Haiku before. Haiku to me are personal and intimate memories written by each author. Haikus can include nature, feelings, love, death, and many other things. It is written in three lines, that makes the reader think of their own feelings and memories. Some memories can be hurtful and others can be happy. It puts the reader back in time with smells, feelings, and surroundings. For myself, I like writing about good memories but also hurtful memories. Putting things that have hurt in my life, in three lines that make it not as hurtful. The following are some of my favorite haiku that I have written this semester.

morning drive home
in the rear view mirror
an X on my forehead


ill father
looking him eye to eye
for the first time

a Christmas card
that was never sent
from mother


waking up before dawn
Mom and Dad
Santa came!

feet on dashboard
mountains and streams


Dad's white tshirt
sleeve rolled up
Marlboro reds


a stranger passes
avoiding my gaze
someone I once knew


little hands
holding mine
let's walk

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