PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Andrea Cavanaugh

New Journeys

Andrea Cavanaugh

New Journeys is a collection of some of my favorite haiku that takes the reader on a journey. Although the collection of haiku all come from different memories and times in my life, it flows together in a way that makes it seem like it all could have happened in the same day.

Writing haiku has been a great experience for me. It taught me how to write in a way that can help people unlock old memories and paint a picture for the reader. To me, haiku is all about sparking imagination in both the writer and the reader.



Chevy truck
tires take us on
new journeys

middle of the cab
under the arm
of my safe place



buckets in the sand
everyone becomes
an architect

insy winsy teenie weenie
yellow polka dot
doesn't fit


oldies on the radio
I'll never drive again

passenger seat
I'm the built in


studio space
listening to the beat
of my heart

hands held around
the table


white out
will I make it home
this night


starry night
trying to find
my inner roar


one light on
my home welcomes me

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