PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Dana George

All of Her Dreams

Dana George

This class came to me as just needing a class to fill my schedule not necessarily as one that I would enjoy so much. I chose it because my teen daughter had done some haiku last year in school and I remember her loving it and telling me about it. I figured if nothing else she could help me understand what I was doing. She didn't necessarily help me but this class helped us take time to think of memories and have fun together.
The title I got from one of my haiku listed below, which is about a child's dreams told by a story she tells. I used it to title my collection because it describes how much you can learn just by listening to a child. All of these haiku are from something that I have experienced myself or witnessed. Thinking about my own life experiences is what helps me to write my haiku; it is easier than trying to make things up.


I dedicate this to my wonderful daughter, Kyra, and all of the fun we had together working on haiku.

Kyra, you do not realize how much you have taught me and continue to teach me each and every day. I find my strength in you and thank you for your understanding, love and support in my newest journey of being a student.

7 years old
her story tells
all of her dreams


up into the clouds
one more letter sent
wishful child

chill felt
through the holes
my favorite jeans



alone and scared
I find myself
missing you

made of snow
he still keeps warm
with a scarf


hitting the road
to see a friend

in church
that one voice heard
silly uncle


perfect mess
we have created
time to laugh

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