PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Danette Beach

Richard Wright's Haiku


Danette Beach

Jennie, Tommie, Louella, and Harriet

I wish to express gratitude to Dr. Randy Brooks and his "joyful spirit" in teaching haiku to our November 2014 PACE class. This has been a wonderful learning experience that is truly relevant and I will treasure it the rest of my life. I choose the title "Canopy" as my haiku writing approach represents my sense of peace, emotions, family ties, memories, and the secret voices of my heart that stand together under the canopy of my life. I am just beginning in my path of haiku but I have gained strength from this course in considering words that are precise yet enlightening at the same time. I endeavor to create lingering haiku "moments of awakening." I am engaging my haiku voice.

beyond the bare branches—
smokestack plumes on
bluest night sky


second helping—just
warm dressing
and cranberries

a winding path—branching
unknown beginnings
family tree



holiday table
wedding flatware

Danette Grandma

my Mother's eyes
seeing her mother's baby picture—
for the first time


on her sickbed
Grandma asks—
for her father


hospital restroom—
on my knees


canopy of pine trees
Grandma's empty house
worn porch step

sunlight slicing through
a dusty attic room
1874 church Bible


Grandma's letter—echoes
great-great grandfather's name
planting the seed


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