PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jacqueline Davis

The Journey to Imagination

Jacqueline Davis

As the author of these haiku and rengay, I challenged myself to look into a part of my life that I had not wanted to relive. I have never had to look at something and try and imagine what the words mean. After reading them once and coming up with something and then reading them again and coming up with something completely different. After the first time of writing and reading Haiku's it began to get easier. I have chosen the one's that I think are my best and I myself have memories of.

jewelry box
blow the dust
what treasure



lights strung
ornaments hung
Santa ready


new puppy
on black friday
a long drive


mother widowed
New Year's Eve
longtime friend

more aquatinted
at the bar

both have children
grandkids on one side
hard to handle

first holidays
not the same

moving began
shared birthdays
almost normal

time well spent
as if it was forever



heart hurts
brains needed
courage a must


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