PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Katie Luedke

A Day in My Shoes

Katie Luedke

Before this Global Haiku class I never knew what haiku was.  It is a very interesting way to write. I find Haiku a lot more interesting to read than poems and even books. Not all haiku are easy to understand right away. There is some thinking to the process. Every author is different in the things they write about. Also, one haiku can mean something different to each person. When I was writing my haiku I wrote about my life. It mainly consisted of the present not much of the past. I found it easier for me to write about things going on in my life that very moment or within the past year. Everything I wrote about brings happiness to my life. I really enjoyed writing haiku.

hooked up
to all kinds of machines
new life


first big snowfall
kids playing
Frosty the snowman

funny feeling
something’s not right
two blue lines


the sun coming up
coffee grounds
brewing in the pot

sunset on the beach
sand between your toes
I Do




his arms around me
looking back
the day we first met


sleepless nights
what do we do
let her cry it out


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