PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Mark Sweeney

Spiders Clean House

Mark Sweeney

Since the beginning of EN340 Global Haiku Traditions, I have developed a unique interest in reading haiku. I have since started writing my own haiku. Haiku is most popular in Japan but growing in popularity in the United States. By reading haiku, I can feel the chill of winter, and the awe of the "better because it is not perfect." Most importantly I have enjoyed the personal expressions of others while sharing kukai. There has always been a recognizable appreciation students give each other on their work. The encouragement given by Dr. Brooks to the students is indescribable.

long lines, loud chatter
snacks, pizza
beer in the shopping carts


hot tea
hands resting around
     the cup

still of the night
fresh blanket
let it snow


three knocks
at the door
Christmas carolers

clean house
now and then


midnight mass
singing carols


whacking and ddrilling
brrrrrrrrrp brrrrrrrrrp brrrrrrrrrp
holes in the wood


lots of water
more veggies
another pound gone

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