PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Melissa McFadden


belly dancer

Dancing in the Rain

Melissa McFadden

My approach to Haiku was to make them real life experiences, including the good and laughter and the hard times. I chose "dancing in the rain" as my title because during some very trying times in my life I always feel that no matter what you just have to keep dancing through the rain. Even when I was physically unable to do so, I had to push onward and overcome the hard times in my life. Several of mine are very light and fun, others are about the health issues I have faced and the emotions that came along with them. Many different events and times we face in life are difficult and hard to deal with; however it is very easy to express them in form of Haiku.

painted on the tree


a belly dancer's costume
the journey

watching every drip
enter my body


waking up
traffic lights flicker
through my curtains

curled hair
new dress
rip in my panty hose


football game
she wipes her cheek
colors disappear

the storm
she pulls back the curtain
and smiles


cold winter night
the tree limbs
sway toward the street lights

her belly
tells the story
through dance


she giggles
her costume

the silence . . .
wating for
the white coat to arrive


in the rain
through the storm

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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