PACE Global Haiku • PACE November 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Veronica McQuire

My Journey Throughout Haiku Class

Veronica McQuire

dedicated to my love, Saxxon

"Haiku is simply what is happening in this place, at this moment," declared Matsuo Basho, who is revered as the Shakespeare of haiku.

"This discovery of some small astonishment in the animal, vegetable, mineral world calls, in turn, for creative responsiveness. It is now up to the reaer to enter into the original experience of the writer, to couple the behled with the beholding, to identify with the 'moments's monument,' and to allow the captured enlightenment to lead wherever it will."
~ Raymond Roselieip

yellow lights
wet grass . . .
dancing with the stars


car in neutral
the rainbows

two chirps
one chirp . . .
winter has arrived


Apple iPhone

summer kiss
lotion bottle
please one more dollop


all the mistakes
I made with you.

cherry blossoms
my garden with you


lonely nights
always alone at night

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