Rengay Attempts 1

PACE Global Haiku Rengay
Millikin University

October 14, 2009


walking through
the kennel
will we find the one?

the runt lost
in the chaos

brown hair, blue eyes
cute as can be
she stops

old and gray
losing her quick step

so many to choose from
they all seem to say
pick me! pick me!

best friend

          by Danielle Seider and Gay Helgemo

Tail Wagging Friend

struggling to walk
will dissipating
old dog passes

home at lunch
no one waiting at the door

time passes
seeking a new friend
so far away…

traveling far
can hardly wait-

first glance
chocolate and tan
oh man…

our new best friend!

          by Annette and Doug Taylor

The Police Process

testing process-
police applicants talk
about their dream…

sitting before
a group of stern faces

heart pounding, hands sweating
did I say….
the right thing?

for days that follow
checking the mailbox

the letter…
is the key
to unlock their dream

a knock at the door

          by Trudy Karr & Doug Taylor


Months of training
feet pounding

heart racing
sweat dripping

early morning
Bitter cold
thousands of spectators

shoulder to shoulder
knees knocking
Bang goes the gun

finish line crossed
Goal accomplished

emotions take over
lonely tear drop
down my cheek

          Chris and Danielle Seider

Family Trek

modest cabin
resting in the hills
we plan the day

animals roam in the grass
we spy from our picnic afar

damp and dark as night
we wander further and further down
stalactites and stalagmites

wispy warm afternoon walk
Burgers at Bumpin Buffalo

a laser light touches the moon
an explosion rocks the mountain
strangers come together

tired and weary we trek
to rest on a porch that sets in the hills

          by Charlotte Ryan & family

A Day in the Life…

darkness covers the trees
outside a cool pane of glass
5am again

Sun creeping up to the clouds
a boat races across the lake

Bacon frying
table set
time to start the day

A green light leads the way
sliver of sun across the driveway

comfy couch eases the day
bag of popcorn

Flipping through the channels
night falls again

          by Charlotte Ryan & family




Rain pouring down
windshield wipers racing
still no sight of the road

Lightning strikes
a quick glimpse of yellow line

Ouch.. breathe
Water all over the floor
honey.. hospital... NOW

fearful eyes open
rapid movement all around

first cry
instant connection
mother and child 

backpack on... smallest in the store
too big for my child
Ready to go MOM

by Stacy Burrous, Jamie Houchins, and Juanette Plato

Rengay with my son

Cold winter night
Under the covers
We keep each other warm

No power
Fire burning

Huddled around the fire place
Exchanging memories
Drinking Hot Chocolate

Laughter in the air
hot coals
Roasting marshmallows

Tasty s’mores
Campout inside

Blankets strung
Across the couch

          by Jamie and Aaron Houchins

Bad Start to a Good Day

Early morning
sound asleep

scraping frost
from the windshield

from frustration
on my mind

thinking about
the task at hand

but bad news
on the radio

a happy song plays
in my head

          by Jeff Gulley, Samantha Sloman, and Zac Young

Fall Weekend

mid afternoon
sun is shining
cold fall wind

went outside
for some air

lawn mower
from next door

man trimming shrubs
in our yard

car pulls up
turns it off
honks horn

old friend gets out
comes inside

          by Jeff Gulley and Linda Gulley

Lazy Day

white capped evergreens
stretch toward
the sunlight

eagle soaring
fluffy clouds surround

their view is blocked
steam rising
from the hot tub

glasses “clink”
memories of . . .

vows spoken
flower garden blooming
two become one

I set the novel down
another one read

by LeAnn Dossett, Renee Robbyens and Jeremy Faught

Those Days

waking in the night
first snowflakes fall
no school . . .

snow drifts around
happy kids everywhere

noses red, toes wet
and cold—
downhill they fly

snow covered faces
around the fire
hot chocolate

bright stars and moon
cool winter night

dry clothes and warm beds
dreams of tomorrow
dry mittens and boots

          by Shannon and Jeremy Faught

Untitled Rengay

Glowing white gown
He is waiting
I’m going to faint

The day has arrived
DREAMS do come true

One child
Two children

Lights flashing
Horns blowing
People kissing

Piece of toast
Cup of coffee
Kiss… kiss…. Kiss…. Kiss

Lots of bubbles
Pumpkin spice candles
Smooth jazz

          by Juanette Plato & family

Football Frenzy

driving to the game
clear fall night
we worry about our child

just one more perfect his
out lives change forever

perfect pass
perfect catch
disaster when landing

a parents fath tested
heart racing watching

hurried walk
car siloette
keys locked inside

tension breaks
nervious laughter mixed with dred

          by Jeff Crabtree & ?


family reunion
long silence
dog wets floor

damn dog
hide disgust

embarrassed relatives
we find a way
to overlook past

over worked smiles
together new beginning

promise to meet more often
new canine friend
goes is walked back across street

wave goodbye
Fabreeze, Fabreeze!

          by Jeff Crabtree & ?

What happened…

stillness in the home
complete silence

His fragrance lingering
Cloths still in the closet

thoughts of
children’s reaction
family crumbling

broken hearts
questions unanswered

separating our belongings
Is this the right decision?

The day has come
Wet ink
Marriage dissolved

          by Stacy Burrous and Mike Pajak

Romantic Evening

chilly night
stars fill the sky
romantic evening

movie screen flickers
warm back seat

a young couple
twisted together
for a night of delight

smell of fresh
popcorn fills the air

the movie
a romantic comedy
sounds of laughter in the air

the end of the beginning
the romance continues

          by Gay Helgemo & Kaelee Karch

Dream Sweet

fall breeze
swaying to the wind
green and yellow leaves

leafless trees
rainbow on the ground

She is alone
looking up at the sky
not watching as she walks

Full moon night
lights the way 

resting her head
upon her pillow
shadows shift to dreams

sunbeams through the clouds
shine upon the cherry blossoms

          by Mandi Sy and Michael Clark


snow covered mountains
hands reaching out
to touch the clouds

icy fingers
tracing outlines of images

one foot after the other
mile after mile
to the top

the moon within
grabbing distance

old winter coat
worn by both
animal and man

blossoms on the ground
slowly withering away

          by Michael Clark and friend

Fun Times

calm Autumn night
with friends all around

stars twinkle in the sky
full moon shining bright

we sit by the fire
cuddled up in a blanket
hot coco in hand

we go inside the house
and curl up under the covers
lights out

the sun beams through the window
fresh coffee

slowly swinging on porch swinging
laughing to myself
recalling last nights events

          by LeAnn Dossett & Nick DeVore


warm summer heat
beads of sweat
at the nape of her neck

freshed squeezed lemonade
runs over his lips

bodies shift
into one another
temperature rises

beneath the moon
they are one together

toes kiss
legs hug
lips trace her curves

bed of blossoms
made to cradle their lust

          by Amanda Sy & Michael Clark

The End… of a long day

hard day
Soft recliner
where is the remote?

nothing is on
take a nap instead

no one to bother me
except myself

feeling empty
in darkness

reaching a depth
not yet discovered

stumbling in the dark
eyes glare

          by Tyler and Samantha Sloman


The stadium looms
Larger than life
A moving sea of red

A shadow is cast
The shape of an arch

Freshly cut grass
around a diamond of sand
warmed by the sun

the charged air is fragrant
popcorn, hot dogs and beer

ladies and gentlemen
please stand
for your national anthem

opening day
has begun

          by Trudy Karr & Jason Karr


late afternoon
cold wind swirls
around the bushes

stepping inside
he punches the elevator button

“…parsley, sage, rosemary…”
and time, which I have
much of, not now

sitting in
oversized recliners
6 encouraging smiles exchanged

skies darken as hot ice
gently drips down

white coat charges in
delivering fortifying encouragement
to last another week

          by Renee Robbynes & husband

Early Fall Walk

walking together
the damp path
all alone

puddles covering
my entire shoe

quietly talking
the deer
run away

leaves turning
as they fall
on the cement

clouds rolling
across the sky

drops of water
take off
our wet clothes

          by Zac Young & Melanie Phillips

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.