PACE Global Haiku • Millikin University • Kukai 2, October 2009

harsh winter winds
morning after Christmas
down the hill they fly


christmas lights
presents under the tree
a little boy's glow


chopped wood
split in two
a bonfire in the making


summer night
windows down
smoking a cigarette


sunset on the ocean
bring it back


summer night
in the middle of the road


old hands holding
a soft cracked cover
photos forgotten


crisp swirling wind
Steaming pot of chili
nowhere to be


snow fort
mom calling . . .
hot coco


snowball fight
little boy loses
one glove


carolers singing
as they walk through central park
snow starts to fall


crisp cold air
powdery white snow
twinkles from the moon


raking leaves all day
girls running through the yard
leaf piles disappear


boy dressed as batman
runs to the door
Trick or Treat!


fields of brown
well oiled machinery
a farmer’s delight


in the hallway
tornado sirens


waking up early
to run downstairs
counting presents


restless blue ocean
yacht smooth sailing
bucket between my legs


red pepper lights
on the Joshua Tree
another tequila night


bright winter afternoon
grandma lying on her back
perfect snow angle left behind


nose and cheeks
red from the trip
he falls asleep


snowflakes melt on my cheek
I stand on a bridge
waiting for my first kiss


by the fireplace
for myself

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.