PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Danielle Seider

Selected Haiku

Danielle Seider

I only knew about haiku from a 4th grade English class. I was taught that haiku had to be done in particular order with syllables. After the first night of class I learned to throw out everything I had been taught and write from emotion. I have learned to notice the little things from experiences. I have also learned to appreciate nature and the beauty it reflects. I am proud to share my haiku and what I have learned over the last five weeks of class. I hope everyone who reads this collection is able to recreate a memory from their own personal experience.

Reader's introduction:

Danielle’s Haiku are light-hearted and engaging. She has wonderful way of revealing her thoughts and memories. I can relate and even create a story with all of her Haiku. She appeals to many different senses for me. My favorite ones is the basset hound at 3 am. I can picture the basset hound and he is not happy about running out of water. My Grandma was a very special person to me and when I read this haiku I think of her and miss her very much. I enjoyed her other work as well. For the snowball fight haiku I can picture two houses, several children with snow forts throwing snowballs back and forth. With each Haiku I am able to imagine many different narratives and reminisce about good memories from the past. Good job Danielle!

Gay Helgemo

Grandma’s wedding ring
becomes my
something borrowed

snowball fight
little boy loses
one glove

basset hound howls
over an empty water bowl
at 3 am


chairs on top of the desks
as the janitor cleans
the empty classroom

rosy cheeks
ready to sled down
the hill again


economic downturn
on my mind
ocean breeze

gossip spreads
with the rush
to the alter


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