PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jamie Dowell-Houchins

Selected Haiku

Jamie Dowell-Houchins

When I was told I had to take a Global Haiku class, I said, “Global what?” I had never even heard the word before. To be quite honest, I figured it was going to be boring. To my surprise, it wasn’t. The first night of class, I remember Dr. Brooks defining haiku as “playful verse”, and playful verse it is. I really enjoy haiku for two reasons. The first reason is because it lets me express my feelings. The second reason is because it lets me escape reality when things are not good. When writing haiku, I like to write about memories. I had fun in this class, and I am really glad I “had to” take it. This book is a collection of my favorite haiku that I wrote while taking this class.

playing tag
in their good clothes
after church

summer night
in the middle of the road

cold winter night
under the covers
we keep each other warm


in the hallway
tornado sirens

sledding down
the snow covered hill
two sisters


his fist
her face
empty apologies

missing her mom
she writes another song


Rengay with my son

Cold winter night
Under the covers
We keep each other warm

No power
Fire burning

Huddled around the fire place
Exchanging memories
Drinking Hot Chocolate

Laughter in the air
hot coals
Roasting marshmallows

Tasty s’mores
Campout inside

Blankets strung
Across the couch

byJamie and Aaron Houchins

wedding ride
fire truck


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