PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jeremy Faught

Life's Experiences
Selected Haiku

Jeremy Faught

Until a short time ago, Haiku was a lame style of poetry we were forced to do in high school, at least it was to me. In just a few weeks, I have grown to truly enjoy reading and writing haiku. A well written haiku stimulates your imagination and takes you to places you have not been to for a while and some you never have been to. I have grown to enjoy the writing process of haiku. Very few of mine have been written one time and left as is. I can write a haiku and love it, then next time I read it, I think “how about if I try this?” It may take two or three attempts before I am satisfied, but once it hits me, it gives me nice feeling of accomplishment. Some of my haiku were created, in the attempt to follow the Japanese style and some are more of the Western style haiku. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did in my writing.

soft, brown leather
repaired rawhide laces
my first glove

dusting off the glove
no April shower
practice begins

lush green field
around the dirt diamond
let's play two


first snowflakes fall
waking in the night
school canceled

summer sun
boys in the pond
in their Sunday's best


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