Haiku Matching Contest - 2 - Wabi

PACE Global Haiku Traditions October 2009

a letter yellowed with age
a thread to grasp
as her memory fades

age spots and wrinkles
her thin hands
cover mine

read every day
Grandma’s Bible
falling apart

wooden Jesus
chipped when thrown
we reconcile




top quarter champion


top half champion

bottom quarter champion



needle still skipping
where is that penny?
Miles Davis

worn out legs
they are still
hands move like water

20 years of marriage
empty swing
our favorite place

grandma's wedding ring
becomes my
something borrowed


top half champion





bottom champion


bottom half champion

extra bottom half champion

hub cap missing
still willing to haul—
old ford truck

old Chevy truck
sides all a dent
runs strong

in the garage
a skeleton
someday my dream car

smell of disel
from the old farm shed
great grandpa is young again




top quarter champion


bottom half champion

bottom quarter champion



molded to my hand
worn out leather
clinching the final out

old ball cap
though washed
still an exact fit

splintered wooden sword
hanging on the wall...
my japanese soul

pink and white sneakers
strings are frayed
my toe peeks out

Bonus Round (Extra Bottom Half)

grandmother’s cuckoo clock
in silence

mommie's hand mirror
two of me

handmade angel
sitting on the tree top
a broken wing

looks like a tree
I think that is me
Daughter’s first drawing


extra bottom round top


extra bottom half champion

extra bottom round bottom


no sight, no sound
walks with a limp
my puppy

moonlight shining
through the bedroom window
she hugs the worn bunny


© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.