Rengay Attempts 1

PACE Global Haiku Rengay • Millikin University • September 2010

Father’s Day

flowers in bloom
glistening dew
water reflecting two

croaking frog
alerts his friends

small feet
catching up with
two large footsteps

bouncing crickets
making noises
search for safety

help daddy

wiggling worms
lines in the air
the first cast

          by Meredith Webb & Van Webb


The Storm

ear piercing wind-
through a black sky
stones falling

a child cries
scared and restless

all is calm
dripping faucet

glowing house
the couch is full
with family of four

gushing wind
sirens blaring

immediate rushing
gathering parents

          by Meredith Webb & Lauren Clevenger


Early morning phone call
My daughter cheers
…..snow day!

Snow covered roads
Entire family snowed in together

Wearing pajamas all day long
We play games and enjoy
Spending the day together

The only vehicles moving outside
Are the noisy snowplows driving up and down the roads

Cooking frozen pizzas
And watching television
An enjoyable day

In the back of our minds
We are praying for another snow day tomorrow!

          by Kristen Woodbury and Hannah Ballenger



She walks with me
To grandpa’s grave
All she knows is his name

As each year passes
My daughter learns more and more

Stories of the past
Fishing trips and funny jokes
Memorializing him

Summertime camping
Just grandpa and me

Unopened presents
Family gathered around
His final breath

His last picture
Remains on my wall

          by Kristen Woodbury and Courtney Kerley

A lull

red, orange, yellow, and brown
strolling through the corn maze
leaves crunching under my feet

Sleepy snake
Found under a leaf
I see, I stop

canopy above
sunlight spotting in rays
a doe perks her ears up

morning sun
through trees with no leaves

only road and adventure ahead
roadkill approaching...

misty morning
drive with my family
silent, deliberate deep breath

Kevin Dunn & Ashley Kaufman


Lost Things and Things Lost

wonder in his eyes
a boy lost
into the misty midnight sky

surrounded by a crowd
longing for my child

crying in the sand
a bully
stole her unicorn

creating sandcastles
An unforseen Wave

sliding through water
my swimsuit

remembering –
delightful sounds of
young boys laughing

Kevin Dunn & Mom

Night Out

The music pounding
And feet hurting
Best New Year’s ever

Starting to wobble
Getting annoyed
Control is lost

Walking to the car
Laughing about our night

Our order is wrong
We’re never coming back…
Until next weekend

Weekend after weekend
My fun with you is endless
Except the hangover

Headache and shaky
I can still taste the Jack
Totally worth it

          by Ashley Kaufman and Liz Fornear



Thoughts of new beginnings
with one
Maybe two

the time has come
is it one line or two

News to tell
to family and friends

The work begins!
many colors to pick
baby room

Boy or Girl
Pink or Blue

Neutral colors
no decisions
Surprise me!

          by Louis & his wife

Rengay 2

corn stalks blowing
in the wind
cobs dropping

once again it’s time to harvest
let’s get started

tires spinning in the mud
mud flies in the air
trucks trying hard to finish

thundering engines
huge round tires
clearing the fields in just hours

grain dust swirling in the air
holding on to just one stalk

the hustle and bustle
just to be
a farmer

          by Missy Hampton & ?


Rengay 1

leaves changing
falling down
cool breeze

gathering nuts

busy farmers
tractors roaring
harvest begins

John Deere steels the road

open fields
miles you can see
the harvest ends

smell of rain and dirt
the combine sits

          by Louis Maxedon, Amy Ellers, and Melissa Hampton

Rengay with family

The lonely girl
Dances on her reflection
In the dirty summer puddle

The blue bird lands
Erasing the past

The ball drops
They kiss
Forgetting the argument

Consuming each other
Hand is warm
snow is drifting

she watches unsightly
the red-orange flames
in his heart

an autumn proposal
so much to do
Feathers ruffled

          by Jennifer Huckstep & family


basketballs and pom-poms
gym filled with fans
their eyes meet

game point scored
buzzer sounds
Cards won

hand in hand
walking out of gym
filled with excitement

cold dark night
stars light up the sky
he gives her his jacket

starring at each other
butterflies in stomach
first kiss

no words spoken
smiles from ear to ear
the beginning of a future

          by Chelsea Bray and Thomas Bray

bags packed
the car is loaded
time to say good-bye

second thoughts
still too young
must let go

eight hours away
different state
time to spread my wings

angelic choirs
with my blessing go my child
a mother’s tears

hugs and kisses
tears roll down cheeks
car fades away

questioning mother’s wisdom
empty house
encouraging phone call

          by Chelsea Bray and Kim Tish



frustrated and nervous
running late
to our big day

all is decorated
the perfect color

lightly drizzling
turns into a beautiful day
just in time

in my dress
white in color
full of emotion

guests arriving
I do, I do!

couldn’t have imagined
any other way --
Our Wedding Day!

          by Marletta Thomas& Ashely Moore


          by xxxxx

© 2008, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.