Haiku Kukai 1 Favorites

PACE Global Haiku • Millikin University • Kukai 1, September 2010

laying in bed
rainy summer night

Ashley Moore

This poem makes me think of my husband, just lying alone in bed together. No children, no work, no laundry, just us listening to the rain as we enjoy the company of each other. It might be just a bit warm outside by the sound of it and we might even be watching some stars on the back patio. Just us together. Missy

climbing out of bed
still tired
he continues to snore

Ashley Moore (10)

This brings me back to when my 11 month old was a newborn. She, of course, did not sleep through the night, nor did I, but her father did. After about the third time of getting up to take care of the hungry baby, I became annoyed. I would glance over at him snoring, and anger would rush through me. All I wanted was sleep and it felt like I was struggling to get up each time while he continued to rest in dream land. How frustrating!!! In the morning he is fresh and new while I am drained. He even says, “huh the baby must of slept all night”. I look at him with disgust. Ha Ha! Meredith Webb

When I read this I picture a grumpy tired woman getting up out of her warm cozy bed. She does not want to and all she can think about is the fact that her husband is still sleeping. This hits home with me. I work some weekends and when the alarm goes off I always hate getting up. I also can’t help but to get aggravated with my husband because he is still sound asleep and snoring and I have to go to work. Kristen

early morning
sitting in the tree stand . . .

Holly Houser

This describes opening morning of shotgun season. You have your gear all ready and get up early to walk out to the woods. After the long walk in the cold you climb up in your tree stand and wait. Then you begin to hear gunshots and start getting excited. When I would start hearing shots I would starting thinking that the deer were moving and I was going to get to shoot next. Louis

the Star Spangled Banner
fifteen pounds of hamburger
taco seasoning

cookout with
friends and family

Melissa (Missy) Hampton (2)

This haiku brings me to the lake. Spending the day on the lake, a line of people waiting to fill their plates, anticipating the upcoming fireworks is, in my mind, is a terrific day. As a family we do this quite often. It’s great how a hot summer day, mixed with a holiday or not, and food can bring people together. It’s a good feeling to have old friends and family brought together for wonderful conversation and sky brightening show. Meredith Webb

hot concrete on my feet
twirling my whistle
eyes on the water

Amy Eller (2)

I have been a lifeguard for ten years so this haiku brings me back to my early days of my lifeguarding. I used to hate the hot concrete so I always wore flip flops. I worked at a country club and we weren’t allowed to use whistles because it would disrupt the golfers. Staring into the water can put you into a trance so you are always trying to knock yourself out of daydreams. Ashley K

balloons floating through the air
one candle
stands alone

in my mind—
my friends’ divorce
becomes my own

Kevin Dunn (5)

closest friend
seeing my life
through melting snowflakes

Ashley Kaufman

This haiku reminds me of a moment that I had been longing to capture in a haiku but never really could put to words. I’m reminded of a time when my brother and I were in Schaumburg Christmas shopping and we stopped at a Starbucks to sit for a while. We were talking about life by a fireplace while watching snowflakes land on a light post right outside the window. It was a beautiful moment I wish I could relive over and over. Kevin

a dark country road
on a hot humid night
you kiss my lips

Amy Eller (6)

A teenage couple drives out to the middle of the country in a red pickup truck. It is a hot summer night and the light of the moon is shining bright. I get an awkward feeling between the two people. A feeling as if they are falling in love with each other. There are butterflies in their stomachs and all of a sudden he reaches over to the girl and kisses her lips. At that moment they share their first real kiss. Chelsea

first day of freedom
in my new apartment
no toilet paper

Kevin Dunn (9)

I picture a girl moving out on her own. She has been waiting for this forever! She feels that she doesn’t need her parents help anymore. She is finally in her new apartment. She has almost everything in place. She realizes that she has to go to the bathroom and while in there she realizes that there is no toilet paper. She would usually just yell for one of her family members to grab her some more toilet paper but now she is on her own and no one is there. Kristen

wearing make-up
with my swimming suit
for him

Ashley Kaufman (3)

feet in the sand
the Italian stranger
needs a light

Ashley Kaufman (3)

at a restaurant
she enters with someone new
check please

Kevin Dunn (5)

I think this can be looked at in a couple different ways. I picture a man still very much in love with a woman, having supper at their favorite place to go, and he is alone. He is thinking of good times past, and possibly trying to figure out a way to get her back. In the middle of a thought, he glances up, and there she is, with someone new. What else can this person do, besides order his check? I also think, this could be looked at as a possible love affair, or perhaps she is at a dinner meeting with a co-worker, or working on a project with a classmate, however, someone that knows her, or her husband, sees her with another man, and just assumes that she is doing wrong, when quite possibly she is not. Just because it is someone new, doesn’t mean that these people are dating, or in love. Maybe she is having supper with her cousin, or her brother. Jennifer

just woke up
made too much coffee
reminding me I’m alone

Kevin Dunn

Grandma's empty room
navy blue dress
hangs in the closet

curtains blowing
in the breeze
unknown future

Melissa (Missy) Hampton (3)

I picture someone laying in bed on a cool summer night with their bedroom window open. Someone who is anxious about tomorrow, wondering how their life is going to turn out. Scared that maybe they’ll be alone forever or maybe their waiting for a phone call from the hospital regarding the condition of a family member or for test results. As they watch the wind they feel helpless and scared. Kevin

I imagine a teenager sitting on his bed with a spread of college letters and pamphlets. He is looking out his winder that is open while the breeze is blowing his curtains and think of all the options he is blessed with. Each option will give him a different result and many different opportunities. Depending on the decision he makes his future will be determined. He goes through the different options trying to figure out what his unknown future will hold. Ashley Moore

Sunday evening dinner
we gather around the table
to give thanks

Holly Houser

When growing up my parents and my three sisters used to sit down at the table and enjoy a large, delicious dinner that my mom prepared for us. Before we were allowed to eat dinner we had to thank God for our food and for each other. Having dinner with my family was important to me, because it was one way we could spend time with each other. We talked about how everyone’s day went and about what we wanted to be when we were older. This haiku takes me back to when I was a little girl and brings out one of my favorite memories. Chelsea

waking up
through the night
a new puppy

Ashley Moore

This makes me imagine just wanting to stay asleep for more than 30 minutes at a time throughout the night. A new puppy is scared and confused and does not know what is going on. You get up to comfort him and get him calmed down and he starts getting upset soon after. It reminds me of when my daughter was an infant and for 4 months she would wake up every 2 hours. Ashley K

I think that the person that wrote this haiku was referring to the times that you would have to get up in the night because of the barking or the puppy having to go to the bathroom. I am imagining that time when I would get up in the middle of the night to get a drink or go to the bathroom myself. When I was walking around in the dark, barefoot, I stepped in a wet spot on the carpet. At this time I would think to myself, new puppy. Louis

scrubbing dishes
next to whining sisters
mom laughs


lightening lights
the entire night sky
a child cries mommy

Kristen Woodbury (2)

the sun sets
a dog sits
begging at the back door

television news
of a wreck on my road
my father calls

Kristen Woodbury (3)

bubble bath
I reflect
on my day

Kristen Woodbury (6)

I am at home at the end of a long hectic day and run bath water. The highlight of my day will be to take a nice hot bubble bath and relax. All of the kids are in bed and I finally have some me time. I sit in the nice relaxing bath and sigh. I lay back and close my eyes and reflect on the day I had. It wasn't the best day, but it wasn't the worst either. But the best part of my day, by far, is the time I spend in my bubble bath! Jasmine

carnival rides
the children are laughing
eating cotton candy

the cicada sings
and school begins
the summer ends

looking into the mirror
the picture stays same
. . . no answers are given

she walks with me
to grandpa’s grave
all she knows is his name

Kristen Woodbury (5)

I shared in class why I liked this one so well. Losing my grandfather so recently has been very difficult for me. My grandpa was my hero, (aside from my dad) and I miss him terribly. I have been to the graveside with my grandma. My grandma and grandpa were married for 63 years would have been 64 years this September. They had 8 children together, 14 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren. They were so in tune with each other. Many times their best communication was from short phrases, or sometimes even just a glance at each other. They could tell what each other was thinking. When I took my grandma to his grave about a week after the funeral, I only heard her say his name a few times. I know that grandpa heard much, much, much more. Jennifer

When I am reading this is reminds me of a granddaughter walking with her widowed grandmother to her grandfather’s grave to visit. However because she (the grandmother) severely has Alzheimer’s she only remembers is her deceased husbands name. This hits home with me because my own grandmother deals with a mild case of Alzheimers and I am afraid to know how the future will go as it continues to get worse. My grandparents have been married for over 60 years and have 11 children, 60 plus grand and great-grand children. So I unfortunately picture myself walking with my own grandmother to my grandfather’s grave and she remembers nothing of her great past and wonderful husband but his name. Ashley Moore

A young woman is walking with her grandmother to see her grandfather's grave. They go visit this time every year, on his birthday. This year is different though, because her grandmother has alzheimer's and has deteriorated quickly. She doesn't remember much, but she remembers her husband's name. Jasmine

on one knee
he proposes by the Christmas tree
. . . yes

Kristen Woodbury (4)

row of cedars
to the camp sanctuary
water balloons!

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