PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Amy Eller

Selected Haiku

Amy Eller

I was scared to take this haiku class at Millikin University. The word haiku sounded complicated. I knew nothing about haiku and thought I will never learn how to do it the right way. When I was in grade school I remember talking about haiku, but I remember it having rules to it. I have learned just the opposite about haiku. To me haiku is three lines of your feelings and what you see. A haiku can be funny, serious, and sad. I have enjoyed taking this class and have had the best time in class. I have found myself thinking of a haiku when I am driving in my car. I think haiku will now be a part of my life. When I begin teaching young children I know that I will find a way to talk about haiku. I think the children would enjoy this and find it fun. Thank you Dr. Randy Brooks for teaching a class that you learn from and enjoy at the same time.

Grandma’s Recipes

smell of pumpkin
and spice
the timer goes off

I call grandma
for the recipe
three times

seeing her
stained thumb print
on the recipe card

cooking the Sunday meal
almost tastes
like grandma’s

kneading the dough
I notice
I have her hands


blazing sun on my back
one more row to go
the garden is done

smell of rain
and dirt
the combine sits


dark country road
on a hot humid night
you kiss my lips

grandma’s empty room
navy blue dress
hangs in the closet


carnival ride
the children laugh
eating cotton candy

Chinese restaurant
fortune cookie says
Will you marry me?


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