PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Ashley Kaufman

The Little Things

Ashley Kaufman

While trying to create a Haiku, I think of the most outstanding factors of my life. I remember what has brought me the most joy and satisfaction. When I decide on a memory or experience, I remember all of my surroundings at that time. I think back to the season, time of day, smells, sounds, and views. I try to incorporate the most vivid senses into my Haiku. I let the words flow through my mind until one clicks. I have come to love writing Haiku and look forward to new experiences I can share though Haiku.

first night together
20 questions
leads to skinny dipping


wearing make-up
with my swimming suit
for him

surrounded by mountains
gazing at the Columbia River
I fall in love with red wine


feet in the sand
the Italian stranger
needs a light

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