PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Chelsea Bray

Selected Haiku

Chelsea Bray

When first writing about haiku, I was unsure of what the word haiku meant and unfamiliar with the art of writing haiku. While I was writing my haiku I thought about my family and the wonderful creations of the world. I enjoy writing haiku and being able to express myself. This class gave me a chance to express the way I feel and be able to share the stories of my life with others. I plan on continuing to write haikus throughout my life.
I would first like to thank Dr. Randy Brooks for introducing me to haiku and helping me understand the art behind them. A huge thank you goes to my husband, Thomas, and my daughter, Alivia because without them I would not have created most of my haikus. I am thankful for all the wonderful memories that I am able to share with my classmates.

the sound of his snore
wakens me in the night
my heart is at ease


colorful paper
covered in scribbles
artwork from my child

our yard
a carrot nosed snowman
entertains children


cold dark night
stars light up the sky
he gives her his jacket

bubbles fill the bathtub
a child laughs


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