PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jennifer Huckstep

Selected Haiku

Jennifer Huckstep

During my time in the Global haiku traditions class I have learned many different types of haiku, different haiku tradition, and different writing styles. I have learned to ready haiku is such a way to create a picture, and read between the lines. I have found that for me, it is much easier to capture a moment on paper when I am still in the moment. It has become a habit now, to carry a little notepad and pens in my purse. I quickly jot down the first draft while I am still “living” the moment. Later I will go back and edit it, until it becomes what I want it to be. I understand that everything I write will not be like by all, if anyone. Most of all, I have learned to have confidence in what I write.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will like it.

twenty-one bullets
fired into the sky
warm tears

an autumn chill
creeps into the night air
bleachers packed

two bouquets
beside a stone


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