PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kevin Dunn

A Collection of Haiku

Kevin Dunn

I learned a lot about reading haiku and writing haiku from author Jack Kerouac, who compared the art of haiku to the art of painting. I personally have begun to see haiku as living, breathing paintings. Word paintings that live on much after their written because they’re reborn in a new, delightful way each time they’re read. The truth is I enjoy a good haiku the same way I enjoy a painting. I could spend several hours gazing at the imagery of a good painting as well as the imagery of a well crafty haiku. Unfortunately my life is so fast pace that I rarely have the slowed down and careful mindset it takes to write a good haiku. Yet here are a few I have written. Enjoy

wonder in his eyes
a boy lost
in the misty midnight sky

First Glimpse of Morning
I Finally Discover
my comfy spot

in my mind –
a friend’s divorce
becomes my own


First day of freedom
in my new apartment
no toilet paper

at a restaurant
she enters with someone new
check please


kicking up piles
of yellow and orange
me and my two kids

doing homework for hours
with earbuds in my ear
nothing playing


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