PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Louis Maxedon

Selected Haiku

Louis Maxedon

I am 26 years old and live in Westervelt, IL. I am married and have one stepson and another child on the way. I am enrolled at Millikin University and majoring in elementary education. I am taking Global Haiku because I heard many positive comments about the class. Entering the class the only thing I remembered about the haiku was that it was only three lines. Now I have a better understanding of the use and meaning haiku. Haiku is very fun and lets you be free in expressing your thoughts in words. I have enjoyed learning more about haiku and I plan on using it in my classroom someday.

it has silenced many
with aching legs
rocking chair



pumpkin seed
pumpkin blossom
a very full belly

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