PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Catrina LaDew

creased edges

Catrina LaDew

For my Grandpa Long,

May the pictures in your wallet never get too creased

This collection of my first haiku's are composed of those that I have enjoyed writing and reading again and again. As I wrote these haiku I thought of memories that have touched my heart. Most all of them have come from some sort of personal experience; either me or someone that is close to me, has lived the inspiration for these haiku. The title poem, creased edges, is one of my personal favorites and also reminds me of two things. One is of my grandfather and the pictures he always had in his wallet. The other is a feeling that we all have a few creased edges as people. There are places where we are more warn and places that we are stronger in our lives, feelings, and knowledge. I hope you enjoy this collection, and thank you for reading!

she lifts the china cup
and takes a sip,
just like mommy


finally asleep
but holding her
another five minutes

her ponytail bouncing
the whole time
through dance class


Christmas morning
on the stairs
fast asleep

fast sled ride down
slow walk back up


among the leeches
and cattails
an overturned canoe

little girl's tattered blanky
makes it through the wash
one more time


creased edges
of the picture
always in his wallet


© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.