PACE Global Haiku • PACE September 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jacob Dellert

reader response essay:
Jeffrey Winke's Playful Haiku

Write What You Know

Jacob Dellert

When writing haiku, I try to write about things I know, or things I have done. I have never been poetic or well written, but they say write what you know, and that is what I try to do.

The things I know best are wrestling, sports, politics and being a parent. I tried to stick to these topics as often as possible, so that even if my haiku weren't good, I would at least feel comfortable with it because I knew the topic. I do feel pretty good about the haiku I have written, and I think my theory worked. They may not be the best haiku but I am comfortable with them because I know what they are supposed to mean.

Prior to this class, I was never a fan of any type of poetry. This has been a fun experience and I feel like it has opened me up to new things. Global haiku was an enjoyable class and I learned that I do enjoy haiku and enjoy writing haiku.

hospital room
greatest feeling I know
becoming a father


small bright arena
the crowd stands to boo
life of a heel

boots left
in the ring
the dream has passed


short green grass
white chalk lines
America's pastime

retired at thirty
in school again
a new start



long car ride
now we remember
why we retired


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