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Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kathy Housh

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Selected Haiku of Kathy Housh

Kathy Housh


It was when I began working for Millikin University that I first learned about Haiku. I had only heard of Haiku one other time when my son was in grade school. However, the true understanding of what Haiku really is and the meaning behind it didn't come until I had the pleasure of taking the Global Haiku course with Dr. Randy Brooks. The real excitement I have for Haiku and for Rengay writing came from the excitement Dr. Brooks shared with us in this course.

I chose to write about my memories of childhood through the present time of being a mom to three young men. However, not only am I a mom, but I am a daughter, a wife and a friend. When you read this collection let each word and each line resonate with you and take you to a place to be able to experience the story I am sharing:

to the moon and beyond
I love you

Author's Introduction

I chose Memories for the title of my collection because this is where I draw my inspiration from. My haiku are memories that have been made as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife and as a friend. The most important relationships in my life are where my special memories have been made. My collection starts with memories of my childhood with my mom who is my best friend. She has been my constant supporter since the day I was born. She is the one that taught me how to be a good mom and a good wife. She leads by example.

early morning
mom still reads from
grandma's Bible

My collection then trend to memories I have made with my husband and children. Nature is a part of our lives so I am able to pull nature into my haiku as well. My husband and children are my world so when I think of them my haiku are easily born in my mind.

laying there broken
and fighting to live
hand in hand

Here, the first and second line take you to a place that is dim and almost hopeless. However, her last line lets you imagine the love that is keeping her alive. The miracle that she is still alive and able to fulfill her purpose of being a mom and a wife is where her Haiku poetry is born. You can feel the excitement of her writing when you read her Rengay. Let it lead you and guide you to an experience that only you can imagine!

I hope this collection will engage and excite you into the Haiku world!

Christmas day
reading the Bible
coffee brews


mom and daughter
around the table sharing

hand in hand they walk
down the aisle


a bond not broken

the roaring engine
of a 68 Camaro
father and son






updates on the game
to his brother

early morning dew
flame still flickering
in the pumpkin

walking alone
in the woods I go


he looks to the stands
after a big win

the band plays the
National anthem




the moon shining bright
a kiss on our first date
at the lake

like the wind my fingers
ruffle your hair

sweat dripping from your brow
I gently wipe away

it's been so long
since we've been
here together

I turn the page
to another chapter

let's open a bottle
of wine
and drink


a rengay by
Kathy Housh & Anne Matthews


© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.