EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University PACE Summer 2004
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Iris Lewis-Beasley

Forgotten Days
Selected Haiku

Iris Lewis-Beasley

Recently introduced to the world of haiku, I have found my experience to be very enlightening. The openness of this form of poetry is very inviting to the imagination. Most of my writings are conjured from my own experiences. At an early age, I discovered the realities of life. So, I have lost the ability to see the world through a rose-colored glass. Therefore, I appreciate life as it is. As you read my writings this will be reflected, so read . . . thoughtfully.

Saturday morning
a child’s smile —giggle

morning breath
a gentle nudge

the bathroom
a perfect escape
for a piece of mind



on cedar seats
moist heat
mists my worries away

by the roadside
the deer
e x h a l e s — for the last time



an awesome God
through a spotted windshield
magnificent clouds

forgotten days
in the garden
moss covered stones



under the snow
a secret
remains hidden


weeping willow—
bowing down and
hiding all beneath           

   a couple dreams of better days,
   the wind—silently asleep

a future bride
the fearful groom
awake to reality

   a bottle of wine
   now empty
   as the moment

they remember that day
when they first met

   first sight
   does not always—
   mean true love

Lori Ade & Iris Lewis-Beasley


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