EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University PACE Summer 2004
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Laura Tucker

Essay on LeRoy Gorman

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Selected Haiku

Laura K. Tucker

Before being introduced to Global Haiku, my mindset was that it was impossible for me to write any form of poetry. I had convinced myself that I could not go there The thought of writing poetry would make me cringe. When I began this class, I had to convince myself to be open to this new experience. I did.

That brings you to this page. You will find a collection of what I feel are my best haiku. These were written from experiences in my life and from my imagination. That will be left up to your imagination. I invite you to turn the page.

newborn baby
old dog waits . . .

to be held

bun in the oven
timer goes off
light the cigars

hot summer night
we skinny dip

the fish are hungry too



we meet
under the mistletoe

ho ho ho

cheap perfume
a dance for a dollar

his family waits . . .



she kneels at the pew
tear stained floor
so much lost

the charade is over
the takeover begins
the sun comes out



between the sheets
there is frost
outside too

her smile . . .
he still comes back
for more



west coast—
east coast
one moon

west coast—
east coast
his dime

from behind
the plumber—
shows his smile



before sunset
old lovers meet

over coffee . . .

snow on the glacier
now in the bottle
melted on the shelf



        Over Time

kitchen table
your life spread out before me
darkness falls

        in the quiet of the night
        safeguarding memories

your birth—
new life into me

        to prom flowers
        growing into your own

graduation day
to wedding bands and rice

        on my pillow now
        drifting off to sleep
        milestones between pages

Megs Lewis & Laura Tucker

Living on the Edge

she slides in
behind the wheel
permit in hand

        the light is green
        still green go!

traffic has opened up
they were expecting this

        traffic stopped
        parking lot
        we’re still moving

life passes
before my eyes

        back home
        safe and sound
        gray hair around my temples

by Doug & Cindy Hays,
Teal Kaufman,
Alexa and Laura Tucker


©2004 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors