EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Spring 2003
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A Moment in Time
Selected Haiku

Jennifer Griebel

Author's Preface

I was first introduced to the art of haiku writing when I was in high school; since then haiku have become one of my favorite hobbies. I love reading haiku; they're relaxing and some are downright spiritual. I also love writing haiku because it seems there is no other form of writing that can capture one moment in time so richly and beautifully as haiku do.

Some haiku I purposefully write with nature in mind, making the poems more traditional with each haiku including a nature element. Personally though, my favorite subject matter for haiku writing is human nature. I like to capture moments in my life and the lives of the people around me. Sometimes these moments include nature which, in my opinion, are my most successful haiku. The majority of the haiku in this collection are simply about moments from life. Some are very powerful, some are very simple and some are very quiet, but they are all a moment that stood out enough in my mind to be put into a haiku.

—Jennifer L. Griebel • '03

As I reminisce about some of the times we spent together when you were a child, I always think of the fishing trips we took. When I read the following haiku I can feel the fog and see the lake. The urge to go fishing pulls at me; it's a beautiful feeling, a wonderful sensation.

river fog
curls at my ankles
boat dock

Being in the Navy was an experience I will never forget. When you're at sea it changes your life. There was always plenty of time to reflect on the past and contemplate the future. I remember very well the first time that I had a cruise through the Triangle. I found myself standing on the flight deck, mid-watch and in the middle of a storm. It was an eerie feeling at best. A moment for me in this haiku:

Bermuda Triangle
the sailor checks . . .
his watch

When reading the following haiku I can smell the rain and feel it on my face. This is a dream meant to pull you through the night mist. What a lovely yet lonely sound off in the distance making its way to unknown places. Makes me wish I was going. It's like an adventure waiting for me and I can't resist. I just love the thought and feeling this haiku gives me:

train whistle echoes
through the still night
thick scent of rain

—LUV YA, dad

river fog
curls at my ankles
boat dock

sabi haiku award, Spring 2003

after argument silence,
     he brushes hair
     from my cheek

at the crowded bar
he wishes her neckline
wasn't so



Bermuda Triangle
the sailor checks . . .
his watch

he whispers . . .
    I love you
    on the windshield



for Valentine's Day
I give him baby booties
he smiles

damp, hard metal
of his car hood
one shooting star



scent of spring
on the south wind
breathe deeper

train whistle echoes
through the still night
thcik scent of rain



quiet drive home
he decides
to come to church

golden moon
breaks through the clouds
we stop arguing



smokey bar
the drunk lady
misses    her stool


©2003 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors