EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Spring 2003
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First Step:
Selected Haiku

Julie Forehand

Looking back at the haiku I have written, it seemsed easy to pick out my favorites from this past semester. I didn't actually notice how many of my haiku involved a naturalistic aspect. In picking out two personal favorites, I noticed that two, coincidentally, were about rain. In fact, those two haiku are my top favorites and are featured in this collection.

I really never noticed a naturalistic theme to my work, early on in my writing. I don't really know if I have a certain "style" to my work. I have always taken the approach to write about recent or current events in my life; while trying to make sure other people can relate to them as well. I also use my imagination to create some of my writing. My mood, at the time I am writing, really sets the tone for my work. I don't just scribble down a haiku; I have to be in a certain mind-set to write. I like to write about special, meaningful moments in my life and try to find the correct words to best describe those times.

I also think that my writing has evolved a lot over the course of the semester. And now that the semester is over, I think I am getting "the hang" of the art of haiku. I hope to continue to write haiku in my free time, because I think it's a skill and an art I would like to continue to improve on. I consider the haiku in this book to be my best and my favorite haiku from my personal collection. I would describe them as fun, light-hearted, visual pieces. In learning about haiku this semester, I have learned a new way to express myself. Hopefully, I will be able to continue writing and capturing all the special and memorable moments, real or imaginative, haiku style.

—Jule Forehand

Reader's Preface

Much to Julie's dismay, I've been reading her haiku over her shoulder all semester. It has been very enjoyable. Many of the haiku have reminded me of things in my own life, and those that I don't relate to directly still give me an image or a picture of something in my head. I love the variety in Julie's writing. Some of the haiku take me back to childhood, some to romance, and some to family, among other things. I have so many favorites among Julie's haiku. If I had to pick one, I think it would be:

closing line
of first love letter

I choose this haiku because it reminds me of the apprhension that comes at the beginning of a new relationship. Every word, movement, and action requires the utmost analysis. This haiku is about a love letter, but it makes me think of a million other things. The great thing about Julie's writing is that so much of it can be easily related to something in your own life. I have enjoyed my reading.

—Anna Forslund

slanting rain
the yellow tulips
lean for a kiss

the egg's
Christmas day!

first step
into the snow
new puppy, disappears



sheets of rain
crowded under the umbrella
she holds me closer

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