EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Spring 2003
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Personal Best Haiku

Stacey L. Orr

I am excited to share with you what I believe to be some of my best haiku. These haiku were written over the past semester and involve memories from my childhood all the way through my college years. They are written in remembrance of the life that I am proud of (well, at least most of the time)! I tend to write more about relationships and special times within my life rather than nature or other traditional topics. From family vacations to valentine's day, these events are my life wrapped into three lines. I hope my haiku spark within you a remembrance of your life experiences and you are able to re-live these experiences through my words. Enjoy!

Reader's Introduction

Stacey does a very nice job of writing her haiku in the moment. Her readers feel themselves putting their minds into the situation. She writes about specific events in her life that have occurred recently or that have occurred in the past. Put yourself in her shoes and experience the emotions that she has put into her haiku as you read her collection.

—Aaron Meyer

evening on the porch
we watch the traffic
slowly pass by

the doorbell's ring
long-stemmed roses
for someone else

endless drive
watching the sun
set and rise



spring afternoon
on the porch
swinging with the breeze

moonlight night
barefoot on the beach
dancing cheek to cheek



homecoming dinner
at Burger King

dinner with mom
endless conversation
about nothing



stuffy classroom
daydreaming . . .
of a world outside

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