EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks • Spring 2005
Haiku Unit Plan Appendix 3

Appendix 3
George Swede & Matsuo Basho

Simply spend some time tonight reading and enjoying these haiku by George Swede (a contemporary American haiku poet) and Matsuo Basho (a traditional Japanese poet who some call the father of haiku). Pick a few favorites and be ready to discuss them tomorrow.

open library window
spring breeze flutters the pages
of the abandoned book
            George Swede

Clouds will separate
The two friends, after the migrating
Wild goose's departure.
            Matsuo Basho

Another year is gone -
Travel hat on my head,
Sandals on my feet.
            Matsuo Basho

passport check
my shadow waits
across the border
            George Swede

full of good ideas               I weigh no more
            George Swede

young widow
asks for another
fortune cookie
            George Swede

alone at last
I wonder where
everyone is
            George Swede

On a journey, ailing -
My dreams roam about
Over a withered moor.
            Matsuo Basho

The autumn wind
Through the opening of a sliding door -
A piercing voice.
            Matsuo Basho

just outside
      the prison wall
a gopher mound
             George Swede

in the pawnshop window
a hooker studies
her reflection
            George Swede

used bookstore
a sunset beam lights a row
of forgotten authors
            George Swede

The first snow--
Daffodil leaves bend
Under the weight
            Matsuo Basho

Autumn deepens -
The man next door, what
Does he do for a living?
             Matsuo Basho

during discussion
on the meaning of life        the crunch
of a student's apple
                        George Swede


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