EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks • Spring 2005
Haiku Unit Plan Appendix 4

Appendix 4
Peggy Lyles & Masajo Suzuki

This is another Japanese-American comparison: take a look at these haiku by Peggy Lyles (contemporary American) and Masajo Suzuki (contemporary Japanese). What are the differences between the two forms? What are the differences between Suzuki and Basho? Pick a favorite haiku by either author and write a paragraph response for tomorrow's class - what images did you see? What feelings did the haiku evoke? What did it make you remember? Be ready to discuss these responses tomorrow.

spring loneliness -
it falls short of the surf
this stone I toss
            Masajo Suzuki

into the night
we talk of human cloning
            Peggy Lyles

dress by dress
the story of her life
day lilies close
            Peggy Lyles

that one time
my heart so merciless
I burned a hairy caterpillar
            Masajo Suzuki

shampooed hair
remaining damp
it becomes snowy
            Masajo Suzuki

on the harp strings
Christmas Eve
            Peggy Lyles

Beethoven's ninth
raindrops bounce
from cobblestones
            Peggy Lyles

traffic jam
my small son asks
who made God
            Peggy Lyles

the two back
on good terms again -
birds twittering
            Masajo Suzuki

morning-glory -
already it belongs
to yesterday
            Masajo Suzuki

hazy moon
the nun begins her journey
with a backward glance
            Peggy Lyles

cheek on her hand
...the pages
turn themselves
            Peggy Lyles

lingering heat
the third grade classroom
one desk short
            Peggy Lyles

lingering daylight -
two bodies snuggle
goldfish in love
            Masajo Suzuki

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