EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks • Spring 2005
Haiku Unit Plan Appendix 6

Appendix 6
The Haiku Anthology Selections

Take a look at these selections from the Haiku Anthology, a collection of English language haiku. Pick one favorite and write an extended memory response. Pick a haiku that evokes a particularly strong memory, and then write about that memory...just whatever comes to mind. After you have written an extended memory response, write one or two haiku in response to the memory.

freshly fallen snow
opening a new package
of typing paper
            Nick Avis

leaves blowing into a sentence
            Bob Boldman

i end in shadow
            Bob Boldman

an empty elevator
            Jack Cain

light snow...
the students study
in silence
            Tom Clausen

The last kid picked
running his fastest
to right field
            Mike Dillon

after Christmas
a flock of sparrows
in the unsold trees
            Dee Evetts

The sparkler goes out
            and with it - the face
                        of the child.
            Lorraine Ellis Haar

children in single file
through the puddle
            Frank Higgins

in a paper cup -
a long way from home
            Gary Hotham

the old album:
not recognizing at first
my own young face
            Elizabeth Searle Lamb

perfect summer sky -
one blue crayon
missing from the box
            Evelyn Lang

a shower darkens -
in the summer bookstore
the smell of new novels
            Burnell Lippy

The longest night:
Only the snowman stares
At the stars
            David Lloyd

Undressed -
today's role dangles
from a metal hanger
            Alexis Rotella

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