EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks • Spring 2005
Haiku Unit Plan Appendix 9

Appendix 9

Senryu are best categorized as humorous haiku. They are traditionally written by American poets and tend to be more light-hearted or sarcastic than traditional haiku. Take a look at some of these senryu by contemporary American poets:

as the professor speaks
only his bald spot
is illuminated
            George Swede

how come
never speaks to me
            Dee Evetts

with a flourish
the waitress leaves behind
rearranged smears
            Dee Evetts

wedding picture:
each face finds
a different camera
            Lee Gurga

this spring rain
the thief too
curses his job
            William J. Higginson

commercial break -
the cat and I
head for the kitchen
            William J. Higginson

In that lightning flash -
            through the night rain - I saw it!
                        ... whatever it was.
            Clement Hoyt

to read the sign
            Alan Pizzarelli

After the atheist's sneeze
I bite
my tongue.
            Alexis Rotella

the men on both sides
have taken
my armrests
            Karen Sohn

Happy Hour
the fish grows
with each telling
            Francine Porad

Senior Day
at the state fair
a lot of look-alikes
            Francine Porad

portrait session
the two-year-old holds the pose
while the raisins last
            Francine Porad

six a.m. swim
the glazed-over eyes
of the lifeguard
            Francine Porad


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