EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks • Spring 2005
Haiku Unit Plan Appendix 10

Appendix 10
Haiku Pairs

Now that we've spent some time reading and enjoying haiku separately, let's see what we can do when we combine them!

Take a look at these eight haiku - Do any of them seem to just "fit" together? Take a moment and look them over, then be ready to discuss your pairs with the class. Remember, there's no such thing as a wrong answer!

overnight bus
the young mother
sucks her thumb
            Dee Evetts

in a paper cup -
a long way from home
            Gary Hotham

their gravestones
hers newer and taller
than his
            George Swede

light snow . . .
the students study
in silence
            Tom Clausen

In my medicine cabinet,
  the winter fly
has died of old age.
            Jack Kerouac

On a journey, ailing -
My dreams roam about
Over a withered moor.
            Matsuo Basho

lingering heat
the third grade classroom
one desk short
            Peggy Lyles

icy dawn . . .
the sparkling window frost
in the unused room
            Bruce Ross


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